Monday, December 21, 2009

Ink cartridge in HP Color Laser 3600DN just exploded. Any suggestions for cleaning?

I have magenta powder ink all over the inside of the printer. I could really use some advice from someone that has had this problem on how to clean ink off the film.|||Lots of paper towels, soak up all you can, alcohol is ok, don%26#039;t use any oil based cleaners like paint thinner.varsol or turpentine.

Get as much as you can, Q-tips and other cotton products like balls, just make sure you can get to all the areas the ink is in, the dried ink can cause the belts and pulleys to fail, and then you looking at a replacement, but with Canon and Lexmark selling printer for $35-40 it is something to keep it mind, if the unit is heating the ink cartridge to the point it explodes, there amy be a bigger problem on the horizon.|||鈥?/a>

But usually, rubbing alcohol will do the trick (unplug the printer first though, just in case:))

I have a canon bjc 4650 printe. Got it with a large black cartridge only. Does it only take single colour cart

or can you have a color and black in.. maybe smaller cartridges...?|||I have a Cannon BJC 70.

If it is the same sort of thing, you have a black cartridge for all your letters, and when you need to print in colour, you have to put in it a completely diferent print head with four ink things in it.

The three colours and black.

I really keep it for letters as it is a tiny little printer with a huge black ink reservoir.

The four cartridges in the colour head are each one quarter the size of the black cartridge in the black ink head|||for ink refills, i would try

How good are those ink cartridge refils that you inject into the cartridge? worth it?

They dont work very good and are very messy. Go out and buy new cartridges. I found mine at Wal-Mart (at 11:00 pm one night).|||In my experience, very messy and poor quality. Spend the extra bucks for genuine refills from the printer manufacturer.|||if you want good quality colour id only use new or cartridges especially made by a firm for your printer.try find your printer and get their cartridges. they are excellent and very reasonable. A good service.|||Well it can be good or bad, the good thing is its ALOT cheaper, the bad thing is it may leak and damage the cartridge along with the printer. So my suggestiion woiuld be to buy the pre-filled cartridges since there are no risks.|||they aren%26#039;t because the cost about the same.|||They are very messy and using them may void warranties on certin printers.

Where can i buy ink cartridges for my Dell AIO 924 Printer, cheaply?

I have a Dell All-in-one 924 Printer. I am only fifteen, so the price of ink cartridges from Dell themselves isn%26#039;t very cost effective, as they cost around 拢20 per cartridge. So, i was wondering; is there any site where i can buy them cheaply, or are there any other cartridges that work in this printer, by other companies, that will save me some money?|||Try鈥?/a>

Problem with a cheap printer is, expensive ink !|||Amazon have many an ink cartridges for Dell AIO 924 Printer and other model.

1. Dell M4640 series 5 high yield black ink cartridge 922 / 942 962 / 924 / 944 / 964 / 946

2. Dell M4646 / 592-10091 series 5 high yield colour ink cartridge 922 / 942 962 / 924 / 944 / 964 / 946鈥?/a>|||You can get it at鈥?/a>|||You can search for the cartridges for the best online deal at They compare pricing of various online shops.|||Try a NEC equivalent, but I wouldn%26#039;t go with any of the so called refillables because you won%26#039;t get good printing.|||try ebay

Is the .17 Remington a rimfire cartridge? I am not asking about the Hornadys .17 HMR. Thanks!?

Yes, the .17 Remington is a centerfire cartridge.|||The 17 rem is a centerfire based on a necked down .223 rem which also has the shoulder moved back. The 17 Fireball is also a centerfire regardless of what brettfra said. It is based on a 221 remington Fireball cartridge necked down to 17 caliber. The 17 HMR and 17 Mach IV are both rimfires.|||Go here for information on the .17 Remington.* %26gt; Just type in .17 Remington in the web search area, and it will take you to the article on the .17 Remington.*... It is a center fire, first introduced in 1971, with a muzzle velocity of over 4,000 feet per second, maximum effective range is 500 yards, it comes in bullet weights of 20, 25, or 30 grain .* It was introduced by Remington Arms Co. for their Model 700 Rifles.*|||nope, it%26#039;s a centerfire, this is why hornady made the .17 HMR, because remington had the only 17 calibre cartridge out there, so hornady made a rimfire 17, now hornady makes two, the 17HMR and the 17 mach 2, the HMR is based on the 22 magnum and the mach 2 is based on the 22 LR.|||Remington does make a .17 Fireball that is rimfire. The older .17 Remington is centerfire.|||.17 Remington is centerfire rifle.

17HMR is rimfire.|||No it is a centerfire.|||No it is a centerfire.

Where can I recycle remanufactured computer printer ink jet cartridges?

I have two empty remanufactured printer ink jet cartridges, compatible with a Dell printer. I have been investigating the Internet programs that purchase empty toner cartridges, but all I have come across thus far purchase virgin - and not remanufactured - cartridges.

I would sincerely appreciate it if someone could refer me to a program that takes remanufactured cartridges, whether they buy them or take them for free. I am more inclined to reduce landfill waste than make a buck.

Thanks!|||I don%26#039;t use remanufactured cartridges or toners but I do take all my empty toners and cartridges to STAPLES Customer Service and in turn Staples gives one a $3 off coupon for each empty. FYI I have seen others bring remanufactured cartridges there as well...

Note that %26quot;some Staples will stamp a time limitation%26quot; on the $3 off coupon and some will leave it empty but if they do, you may not want to turn in them all one time. Also note that OFFICE DEPOT has a similar program but I think Staples offers more variety of office products...

Hope the Above Info Helps!|||you can recycle them in beeston town center at a little cartridge shop/refill shop. sorry i dont no the name of it.

Printer problem - something with the Cartridge?

this is all i know:

The printer won%26#039;t print no matter what i do (i%26#039;ve restarted the computer, i%26#039;ve unplugged and restarted everything.)

The printer just gave me a pop up saying this:

Print Cartridge(s) Problem

Print Cartridge Problem

The following print cartridge has a problem:


Refer to printer documentation.

the only problem is, i don%26#039;t have any manuals or anything to refer to. it is a HP deskjet 5440 . PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!|||Take out the cartridge, check it and make sure the tape is off of it. Then reinsert the cartridge ans see if you get the error. If you do go here;鈥?/a>|||cartridge may be empty click printer icon click printer preferences then click services then click service this device then click ink level it will show if you are out of ink.